Yet another partnership announcement! Gay-swipe now accepts Kencoin

Our partnerships are expanding yet again! Gay-swipe has agreed to accept Kencoin as a payment method!

Gay-swipe is a premium online dating community focusing on the LGBT community. It allows members to go through thousands of profiles in order to find the ideal partner. Once they find their ideal partner all they will need to do is swipe his picture. Gay-swipe has members in over 20 countries and in 3 continents.

Online dating is a growing market with similar websites such as Tinder or Grindr reaching near 500,000 active users as per Techcrunch in 2015. One can only assume the number of active users those apps have today. 24% of Tinder and Grindr users pay for online dating services.

With so many people paying for online dating services, it is easy to understand why privacy might be an issue for some. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to co-operate with Gay-swipe and word together for a better more secure future, in the adult dating world.

Our ICO has started just 2 days ago! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the best future alt-coin!

Why use Kencoin?

In this modern day and age, privacy matters more than ever! After the Ashley Madison data breach, we know how important privacy & security is. Therefore, we developed Kencoin.

Kencoin is a relatively new industry specific cryptocurrency. It focuses mainly on the adult entertainment industry. We are a growing online payment method for the adult entertainment industry. We guarantee a new safe & anonymous currency for all your online dating, pornography & sex related transactions.

The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Despite this, it is considered a somewhat risky industry due to credit chargebacks and disputes. Kencoin is the ultimate solution for such issues. We promise full anonymity for our users, no risk of chargebacks to our merchants, some of the highest security standards in the cryptocurrency world and little to no fees.

Why adult industry merchants prefer Kencoin?

Kencoin can only be used in the adult industry ecosystem. Its spread and distribution will always come back into the industry creating reinvestment of wealth and increased revenues.

Stay tuned for more websites accepting Kencoin as a secure and anonymous payment method!