Natural disasters and Kencoin – The challenges cryptocurrencies face in the modern world

Texas has finally started to recover after it was battered by the worst storm Texans have experienced in recent history. Nine days of heavy rain and intense winds have left large portions of Houston, Galveston and other regions under water. As reported by The Guardian, the storm has caused over 35 billion dollars in damages and claimed over 40 lives. Many Texans have fled their properties with no more than the shirts on their backs.

Currently news of another storm, Hurricane Irma is making waves in the United States. The storm is expected to hit the American south east and possibly the Caribbean.

Kencoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have broken into the public’s conscience and might provide a solution to people affected by natural disasters. Unlike other forms of investments (such as gold), there will be no need to physically carry anything. As these currencies are digital, they are easy to rely on in case of a disaster or catastrophic event. Another benefit is that Kencoin and cryptocurrencies can be converted to any fiat currency in times of need.

Why Kencoin and not Bitcoin?

Despite being relatively new to the cryptocurrency scene, Kencoin has a few benefits over Bitcoin. The biggest issues with bitcoin is slow processing speeds and high commissions. Bitcoin’s transaction processing is notoriously slow, with people waiting up to hours for approval. Slow processing times would make Bitcoin unusable during a natural disaster, when time is of utmost importance. Another consumer issue is Bitcoin’s high fees.

With Kencoin, clients can enjoy lightening quick processing speeds, low fees and commissions and the highest security levels.

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