The Kencoin FAQ

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Kencoin is an industry-specific cryptocurrency, focusing on the adult entertainment sector. Our mission is to serve as the standard currency for anonymous, safe transactions in all sex and dating-related purchases.

Kencoin is a completely anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive Kencoin without giving any personally identifying information. This Blockchain solution is removing all the risks of the identity of the users been leaked on the internet and in the press. Kencoin operates without any personal data, guaranteeing buyers’ and sellers’ anonymity, while providing secure transactions without involving any bank or legal entity. The adult industry is often described as high-risk, due to the rate at which customers cancel transactions after the fact. However, Kencoin transactions are one-way only, effectively eliminating all risk of chargeback.

Kencoin’s discreet form cryptocurrency makes this solution ideal for the adult entertainment industry. This is the industry Kencoin is currently primarily targeting, with particular (though not exclusive) focus on the following verticals: • Online dating • Porn streaming • Sex toy e-commerce • Live sex cams • Back pages and escorts • Smaller niches within the adult business

The long-term survival of any cryptocurrency is ultimately dependent on its ability to integrate itself into mainstream society. The Kencoin project is driven by a multitude of websites that have already agreed to use the Kencoin as a currency. KenCoin has already partnered with more than 15 websites representing several niches of the dating and adult online industry. Overall, the cumulative monthly audience is 12.5mm unique IP

The Kencoin project has been initiated by Laurent Chekroun a 15 years Goldman Sachs trader. Laurent has surrounded itself with a multitude of collaborators from the Financial Industry, the Gaming industry and the marketing industry. Additionally, Laurent has an extensive network in the adult industry that will serve as advisors and business development.

The Kencoin Foundation will be headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The research and development centers will be based in Tel Aviv, Paris and London. Our team has been involved in the blockchain ecosystem in Israel and France, attending the first meetups in the country, all in attempt to push forward the infrastructure for a diverse currency platform. Additionally, the team is lead by leaders from the finance industry who have worked at the world largest institutions in the past. The Ethereum smart contract protocol provided the much needed decentralized platform for user-generated programmable currencies (tokens) that inspired us to design the Kencoin. Previously, our team members have built end-user Internet applications that were used by tens of millions of unique monthly users, and have been pioneering new digital user-experiences in gaming, video and commerce since the early days of the Internet

Kencoin will launch a user friendly wallet that enables anyone to hold the token for any purpose. A desktop/mobile web version, integrated with popular messenger chatbot platforms will provide simple on-boarding as well as all the basic functionality needed for using the tokens in an online environment. Additionally, a mobile application will be released to ease transactions in the physical world between businesses and customers.

Existing merchants will experience an increase in customers due to the anonymous nature of the token.

Kencoin (KEN) is currently listed on EtherDelta. Stay tuned for more exchanges listing Kencoin

The Kencoin foundation will be registered as Non-Profit foundation in Zug, Switzerland. The Foundation will abide and comply with the Swiss Laws and regulation. The Kencoin foundation will be audited by KPMG.


As KCN can only be used in the adult industry ecosystem, their spread and distribution will always come back into the industry creating reinvestment of wealth and increased revenues.